Who we are

Bay Play started out as Mount Maunganui Music School, which began in 1998. The founder of the Music School, Mr Keith Hull, after retiring from his HOD for Music at Mount Maunganui College, noticed a gap in the availability of accessible music in the community and started the School in 1998.  In 2004, Mount Maunganui Music School became a Charitable Trust, and in 2013, the Music School was rebranded as Bay Play, with the mission of ‘sharing the love of music for children’. Bay Play is a not for profit charitable trust. 

Bay Play’s aim is ‘sharing the love of music for children’, and to make quality music-tutoring financially accessible to all children within our community, aged 7–13 years.

Our goal is for as many children as possible to have the opportunity to be introduced to music.

Bay Play is the experience of working with and inspiring young people. Some have a passion for music. Others have come to ‘try out’ music.  In some cases students move from curiosity to enthusiasm - which is so rewarding as a tutor who loves music themselves to experience. It is always a pleasure to teach children how music can transfigure feelings and emotion of an ordinary day."  

Bay Play Director of Music - Bernice Tweed

Bay Play receives commendation at Trust Power Community Awards 2014

The Committee is very pleased to announce that Bay Play was nominated for a TrustPower Community Award in 2014 and, at a ceremony held at ASB Arena on 18 October, received a commendation award in the Education and Child/Youth Development section, presented by Mayor Stuart Crosby and TrustPower CEO, Vince Hawksworth. The Community Awards recognised the work done by volunteer and not-for-profit organisations within the community.  The Committee would like to thank both our anonymous nominator and TrustPower Community Awards for acknowledging Bay Play in this wonderful way.

Music tutors

Our tutors comprise of a range of talented people.

Our tutors include tertiary students and adults; talented musicians in their own right from the community, who take time out from their busy lives to prepare lesson plans, source music suitable for their learners – all so they, too, can share their love of music.

Some of our tutors are secondary-school students, who enjoy music themselves and relish the opportunity to share that enjoyment with younger children. Bay Play strongly believes that by taking a youth-development approach and using young people as our tutors, both they and our learners benefit – for themselves, and also for our community.

Interested in becoming a Bay Play music tutor?

If you know of someone who may wish to share their love of music with children, we would love to hear from you!
For more information, please contact:

Bernice Tweed
Music Director
Phone: (07) 576 4848
Email: music@bayplay.co.nz


Bay Play is continually working to strengthen relationships with our community, including family/whānau, local primary schools and retirement homes. Many of our students continue with their music studies into secondary school and we continue to be surprised at the number of people who seem to know all about us – just through word of mouth! Many of our tutors have been ‘found’ via our community relationships.

We thank Mount Maunganui College for their continued support with the use of their equipment and premises.  There is a great feeling of community as lessons take place. The friendliness between the parents and the children is fantastic, creating a real “buzz” in the grassed area outside the music rooms while children/parents wait for their lessons.

Even though we are a small organisation, all the people involved in the Mount Maunganui Music School Charitable Trust and Bay Play, our volunteers and our tutors alike are passionate about music and its philosophy of providing as many children as possible with the opportunity to share the love of music. Our tutors do not do this for the “money” as they are not highly remunerated but for the love of teaching music to children.

"I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music."
—Billy Joel