What we do




We currently provide tuition in a variety of instruments, including keyboard, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, guitar, ukulele, saxophone and recorder.
Recorder is a great way to learn flute, clarinet and saxophone basics.


Lesson duration is 25minutes held during the school term between 3.30pm and 5.30pm Monday or Wednesdays at Mount Maunganui College, Mount Maunganui.

To keep tuition fees as low as possible, Bay Play provides group tuition (by instrument). Tuition groups are limited to no more than five students depending on, student's age/ability and also on the instrument they are learning.

Guitar, Recorder, Ukulele Group lessons (5 students per
group max)
Violin, Cello, Flute
Group lessons (1-3 students per
group max)
Keyboard Lessons comprise 1:1 tuition


Students get a taste of performing in front of an audience of family/whānau and friends during the Bay Play mid-year ‘play together’ towards the end of Term 3. The year culminates in an orchestral performance and a separate keyboard recital by the students in November/December to which all are warmly invited.

Enrol online now,

press Contact us and we will email your enrolment form and terms to help secure your child's placement. An $80 deposit is required with enrolment per child. If for some reason an instrument does not go ahead - a full refund is issued.

or at

2019 Enrolment Day

Wed 13th Feb 2019 3.30pm

Room: A3 by the Music Suite alleyway, Mount Maunganui College

Pricing ($80 discount available on early payment option, see payment options)

$360 Fee for year Guitar/Recorder/Ukulele.
$400 Fee for year Violin/Cello/Flute/Saxophone/Keyboard.
(Of which $80 Per Child per instrument payable on Enrolment).

Payment Option 1 (Early Payment)

TERMS: enrolment is for the year, $80 with enrolment, balance of payment received before 4.4.19 (discount given of $80 per instrument).

This makes fees after discount:

Guitar/Recorder/Ukulele.    Total Fee for year $280
Violin/Cello/Flute/Sax/KeyBoard    Total Fee for year $320

Payment Option 2 (4 x $100 per Term Payment)

TERMS: Enrolment is for the year, $80 with enrolment +$20 for term1, balance $100 payable before term 2, 3 & 4 available on all instruments.
Total Fee $400